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About Me

Hi, I'm Katie Loff!

I'm an expat living in Berlin, Germany with my husband, spunky 4 year old daughter, and our dog Bindi. I'm a professional opera singer, DIY lover, green thumb, food enthusiast, partial to red wine (but I'm not a connoisseur), and obsessed with all animals - especially my own.

I have always had an eye for photography and loved snapping pictures on disposable cameras when I was in middle school, a digital camera in my teenage years, and with my iPhone once that technology came along. Photography always got me excited and I daydreamed about it being something more in my life, but I never took the plunge into creating a business with it for several years. I finally built up the nerve (and had the time) to turn my passion into something more than just a hobby when we moved overseas.

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Inspired Images

From stunning portraits to candid lifestyle images, I specialize in capturing pure emotions that become timeless memories. Let's collaborate and bring your vision to life through my lens.

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